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Friday, 15 July 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: A Memorable Wildlife Picture Is Gotten When It's "Caught Right In The Act" - UI Model/Wildlife Photographer, Jesutofunmi

Meet Olutayo Jesutofunmi, a 200 Level Student of the Department of Physiotherapy, University Of Ibadan. 

Jesutofunmi is a Dancer, Model and also a Wildlife Photographer. You want to Find out more about Wildlife Photographer, Jesutofunmi read the Interview She had with Unibadan Efiwe Below: 

Can We Meet You? 

My name is Olutayo Jesutofunmi, a 200 Level Student ot the Department of Physiotherapy, University Of Ibadan. I'm a Student Model, Dancer and also a Wildlife Photographer.

What does Modeling means to You?

Modeling is an avenue to try on different designs, look good, be myself and express culture, colors, stories through the lens(camera). It's also about sharing ideas and just making myself happy.

How do You Describe your Style? 

*smiles* My style is almost totally different from my shoots. I love the gangster look (Jeans, tops, high tops and nice snapbacks), Something really comfortable. I love colors and patterns too but love rocking black.

How do You prepare for a Modeling Shoot? 

I make sure I have a good night rest because I don't want to look worked up, getting to the venue on time to avoid tension and rushing you know making sure I'm in a Happy mood.

What are some of the main differences between Runway and Photographic Modeling?

When on Runway, You are on the move, you have a style of working. Mostly done to portray a New Fashion Line and Photogenic Modeling, the Model is herself, more natural, in her zone doing his/her thing, feeling the vibe.

 Most times, She's not centered on the clothes, they pass across information, tell stories. Poems are sometimes used to backup the pictures whiich just makes it amazing.

What are your Goals as a Model?

My goal is to become a Successful Model, my name been heard out there both locally and internationally. My pictures telling stories, motivating people, changing lives.

 How do You see Yourself progress in this Field?

I guess the key is God, He makes things happen but keeping the right attitude, nice connections backed up with prayers and I am sure to progress.

Tell Us the challenges You face as a Model?

My main challenge with Modeling is the Venue. Some venues are just uncomfortable and tiring, mosquito bites and all of that. 

Also, the Make-Up Artists keeping to them and sometimes the way the weather changes for an outdoor shoot.

 Who are some of Your favorite Models and Designers and Why??

My favourite Models are Brooklyn Decker,Bunmi Ademokoya, Kendall Jenner while My favorite Fashion designers are Folu Ajayi (House of Dabira), Coco Chanel.

I love the ladies because of the way they capture the lens, I love their gaze, love their works with colours, pattern, concept.

How has Modelling changed other aspects of Your Life?

Modeling has made me a lot more feminine. I'm still working on it but it has influenced that area of my life.

Tell Us about Your Family Background?

I'm from a family of Four, My dad, mum, myself and My Elder Sister, with a Christian upbringing. We are doing well as a family, it's all about love and It brings us together.

Are You Signed to any Modeling Agency? 

Currently, I'm not signed to any Modeling agency but I believe in God. 

If You are signed to a Modelling Agency, What would You love to accomplish at that Modelling Agency?

I would love to get the name of the Agency out there, let it be known for amazing works by selling the brand of the agency. "A good name is better than riches"

 What's Your own definition of Advertisement industry and Photography?

I see Advertisement as a way of putting one's work or service out as a recommendation or soliciting for people to get your product, just putting your work out for benefits known to you While my definition of Photography is the act of capturing magic moments, changing the views in which people see things, putting a smile on people's faces through technology "the camera", putting the work out there and deriving fulfillness and joy.

Knowing that you are a Model and also a Wildlife Photographer, what do you think makes a memorable Wildlife Photography?

A memorable Wildlife picture is gotten when it's "caught right in the act". It's all about the timing, that's the beauty of Photography generally. It has got to be precise and accurate. 

Naturally, pictures most times tend to be the best even when taking selfies or pictures with phones

Why do You take Photos? 

I love Nature, Colours. The ability to see all this through an inner eye "lens" just gives me joy. I can't really explain, it's a wonderful feeling *smiles*

Describe a typical day in the life of Jesutofunmi?

A typical day during the week is lectures from 8am-5pm, getting back to my hall, sleeping, cooking, surfing the night and reading then back to bed. 

During Weekends, I do my laundry, go for dance rehearsals if there's any, hang out with friends if am less busy, listen to music, take strolls, go to church on Sunday and lots of sleep afterward.

What's your favourite Quote?

I have got lots of favorite quotes like "All things are possible", "you will be fine" "there's nothing to fear but fear itself" "worrying does not take away today's pain, it takes away tomorrow's joy" "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me".. A lot like that

If You could have One Super Power, what will that be and Why? 

My super power would be time traveling, I would love to go back in time and do things I failed to do then, which would have been helpful now. To redo my wrong and go into my future so as to prepare ahead for it, You can't call that cheating right *smiles*

Are You in a Relationship? 

I'm not in a relationship.

Aside from Photography and Modeling, What else are You really good at? 

I'm really good at dancing actually, I started dancing before venturing into Modeling and Photography *grins*

Being a Student and also a Model/Photographer,  How do You cope? 

It has not been easy at all, especially with the "First and The Best", it means reduced number of hours to sleep because I have to read and cover up for my academics.

 It has been God all the way and more of Time management. When you do something you love, You have a way of making things work for you.

How has Social Media played a role in your Photography/Modeling?

Social media has helped with the connections,  most shoots I had were through interactions on Social Media. It sells your work, leople get to discover you.

 Some people have made it through Social Media and I hope to be amongst somebody. I guess I am already living park of that dream *winks*

Any Words/advice for Youths out there who are interested in Modeling/Photography?

To the Youths, once you get an insight or passion for what you want, Just "Act". People would surely push you down but most great men today, ignored what people said around them and acted based on their instincts. 

I can't really say if they followed their heart or head but once you clear about something, " Just do it". 

Nike, a friend of mine thought me that and It's also part of my favorite quote.  The most important one is that You should Remember God first.

Thank You for Gracing this Interview Jesutofunmi, We are wishing all the best in your Academic and Career.

Thanks so much Unibadan Efiwe.

Expect More Exclusive Interviews from Unibadan Efiwe. Feel free to mail Unibadan Efiwe via [email protected] for posting of Articles, Music and Videos, Advert Placement and many more.

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