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Saturday, 30 July 2016


Voice of UI: May We get to know You?

_Mr Tomi;_ My name is Tomisin Kolawole Ayomipo, Department of Veterinary Medicine, a resident of Kuti Hall. I have always loved fashion, I design clothes and patterns, and I've always loved looking nice, dress nice, and basically, that's it.

*Voice of UI;* What's the idea behind UI Fashion Week Show? 

_Mr Tomi;_ It started in one week. I'm into fashion so, I was planning my fashion collections and I went to see my mentor. We discussed and I had a-three-day mentoring with him last year, around December, after exams. We spoke about enlarging one's coast.

*Voice of UI;* What's your inspiration?

_Mr Tomi;_ hmmm Basically, it was a-God-given inspiration. It sounds funny, but I get most of my inspirations from God Because, most of the time, I get my inspirations when I pray. And from there, I got the inspiration to set up a fashion event. 

I also noticed that UI is not really fashion inclined, it's a kind of school where people are just focused on academics. I also love the academic part but, one could do better instead of just focusing on academics. 

We can improve our creativity and entrepreneurial skills and all sorts so, I said to do something like this in fashion. that's basically how it came up within a week. I discussed the idea with some of my friends and, that was how it started.

*Voice of UI;* What should we expect during the show?

_Mr Tomi;_ This event is basically about letting minds know the reality about fashion in UI. It's not just about that, it's about trying to push  people. 

We don't just need to excel academically alone, we need to develop our creativity and entrepreneurial skills. This show is basically for people to come, enjoy fashion, and to inspire others to develop themselves in their fields.

*Voice of UI;* What is in for the models and the designers? What will the models and the designers benefit from the show?

_Mr Tomi;_ Another aim of this event is to set a platform for the designers and the models. Aside from probably getting a cash prize, our best designers are gonna go to the Nigeria students' fashion week to showcase their design and also go to Ibadan students fashion and design week.

 Then for the models, they are actually going to get a big package. House of Twitch, organizer of Mr Ideal Nigeria, and Mr Africa International are signing the best designer for a year. So, they'll  sponsor the designer for that year. 

They'll also be signing the best model for a year. Aside from that, the best model, both in the male and female category would go for Mr Ideal Nigeria and Miss Ideal Nigeria. Then, the other two( second best male and female) would go for Mr University Africa, Miss University Africa, and Mr Fashion and Miss Fashion Nigeria.

 So, that's how it's going to be. Basically, it's a platform for them to just go higher and bigger. Other models and designers are not left out anyways, because we are going to be having model scouts around that will like a model even though they're not among the best three. 

But, I tell the models and the designers that it's not about winning, it's about going there to showcase what you have, going there to prove yourself. Going there to be yourself, and eventually, you get bigger. You don't know who is watching. It's not about being the first, second, or third. That's the idea.

*Voice of UI;* Who would judge and determine the best model and designer?

_Mr Tomi;_ Uhmm, we are having several guests, fashion guests and several grand models in Nigeria. We have a nominee for best designer in Africa, and he is Mr Kola Kudus. He's a well known designer so, he is going to be the major judge of fashion designers. 

We have the winners of Mr Ideal Nigeria coming, we have Mr University Africa coming, and we also have Akinfaminu, a top student model. So, we have Nigerian Students' Fashion and Design Week's CEO coming. 

The CEO of Black and Bold will also be around. We believe that these people can judge well, who the best model and designer should be. Also, the CEO of the House of Twitch would be judging. So, those are the basic judges.

*Voice of UI;* How did you get your funds, do you have sponsors?

_Mr Tomi;_  We have sponsors and God provided, and the funds just kept coming. It's sponsors and grace. It's just grace, basically.

*Voice of UI;* Tell us a bit about your religious life.

_Mr Tomi;_ I'm a Christian and I've always believed that to get to any stage in life, you need God. Most of my inspirations come from God when I pray.

 Most people are like, "How can you be so fashion inclined and still also  be spiritually inclined?" I don't see any of them being separate because, to me, it's just the same. God is what drives me.

 My spiritual life just gives me strength to move forward.

*Voice of UI;* May we please know a bit about your family?

_Mr Tomi;_ ***laughs*** My mum is a medical practitioner, my dad is an accountant. I'm from a family of four, the third child. Two males, two females. I think we basically kind of love fashion. 

My brother loves dressing up good, I love dressing up smart, my elder sister has an amazing sense of dressing. My younger sister is just coming up though. So, that's it.

*Voice of UI;* Thank you Mr Tomi for granting us this interview.

_Mr Tomi;_ You're welcome.

Source: Voice Of UI

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