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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Have A Mental Picture Of What You Want To Shoot, If You Don't Get Exactly What You Imagine Don't Stop Shooting - UI Photographer, Bajo-Bayo @beeinspirar

Meet Bajo-Bayo Adeoye Titilope @beeinspirar, a 400 Level Student of the Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan. He's a Student Photographer, CEO Inspirar Imagery and He's cool, gentle and fun to be with.

Unibadan Efiwe had a chat with Bajo-Bayo @beeinspirar and Here's what He has to say.

Tell Us About You, Your Family Background?

My name is Bajo-Bayo Adeoye Titilope, a 400 Level Student Of the Department Of Adult Education, Faculty Of Education, University Of Ibadan. I'm the second child of the family of 3 children and I think am quite gentle.

What Does Photography Mean to You?

To me Photography is Fun, it's life, it's that thing that gives joy and satisfaction.

What do You think makes a memorable Street Photograph?

What makes it memorable is simple. It's the unfiltered expression, natural reaction. Like the market women in the picture above.

What were the difficulties You encountered first starting Street Photography? 

*laughs* first was the fear of people who threatened to beat me up if I try take their pictures. Also you seeing an expression but your camera just suddenly develop a mind of it own.

Who are some of your Favorite Classic Photographers, and How did they influence You?

Foreign Photographer like Antony Morgati, his Videos really help a lot. In Nigeria, my own bosses Modo of Modzero Photography and Sir Wahab of Xtream24photography. 

Those guys really helped sharpened my skills and become a better photographer. Also, I have Adelodun aka shutterjenius who provoked me into stepping into the photography world, Toluwalope Bello, Bolu Ikuemenisa aka wòlíì àgbà, Emmanuel Egbe aka Ohis, Olamide and many more.

When You are out shooting—how much of it is instinctual versus planned? 

When I'm out there shooting, it's always 80% instinctual and 20% planned.

How has social media played a role in Your Photography?

It has played important role because without it I won't be able to push my works to the outside world.

Why do You take photos?

First, for the fun of it then to tell stories, to preserve memories and it's a hobby turning into a profession.

What is the Most Challenging part about being a Photographer for You?

Most challanging part is editing of pictures, it really crazy for me.

Describe your Photographic Style? How did You develop your style?

Well I do Street, landscape, events, macro, Fashion beauty photography and also long exposure photography but the most frequent one is Street photography and it just come to me easily so developing wasn't that tasking I just pick up my camera, hit the streets and shoot. 

What was your scariest moment as a Photographer?

Hmm, that was when I was harassed by security men for snapping FIRS Building at night and when my ID Card was seized in University of Ibadan for taking pictures of freshers.

Describe a typical day in the life of Bajo-Bayo?

 Well as a Student, a typical day is to wake up, get ready for class, attend classes, roll with friends and do some business.

What is your Best Photography tip?

My best photography tip is the one I got from Bolu which is, have a mental picture of what you want to shoot. If you don't get exactly what you imagine, don't stop shooting.

Among the gadgets that You own, is there something that You wish You hadn’t bought? Why?

I am a gadget freak tho so I don't regret buying any gadget.

In the field, What are Your Settings?

Aperture – F7; Shutter Speed – 1/200;
ISO – 800; Focus – Manual/Auto depends ;
Image Format – RAW/JPEG I shoot on RAW.

How do You educate yourself to take better Pictures?

Talk to photographers ahead of me and cliques of photographers. I also watch tutorial videos of photography.

What is the one thing You wish You knew when You started taking Photos?

Nothing sir 

What is One question Nobody has ever asked You—that You wish they asked You?

The question Nobody has ever asked me was "How I manage stress."

Aside from Photography, What else are You really good at?

I guess I'm really good at teaching.

What do You do during Leisure?

During leisure, I'm either Studying or hanging out.

Any Words/ Advice You Have For Other Photographers? 

Be Yourself and don't do Photography for the money but the passion.

Bajo-Bayo Adeoye Titilope
Inspirar Imagery
Contact: 08076676962
Twitter/IG: @beeinspirar

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