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Sunday, 10 July 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Creativity Has No End, No One Graduates From The School Of Creativity - UI Make-Up Artiste, Oluwatosin Malomo @Teesmilebeauty

Meet One Of University Of Ibadan's Top Make-Up Artiste, Oluwatosin Malomo, a Post-Graduate Student of the Department of Animal Science, University Of Ibadan.

Oluwatosin is the Creative Director of Teesmile Beauty World, She's also a Hairstylist who is gifted, talented and also use Her Creativity to make Her Clients look great.

Unibadan Efiwe had an Interview with Oluwatosin and Below is the Interview as She Talks about Her Profession, Family Background And Her Relationship.

Can We meet You?

My name is Malomo Oluwatosin, I am the Creative Director of Teesmile Beauty World, a freelance beauty Enterprise. I am a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, Ogbomosho, currently running my M.Sc. In Animal Science in University Of Ibadan.

How do You define Beauty?

Beauty is from within, it lies in the eye of the beholder. It varies from person to person. You define it by your ability to see creativity  just as it comes from your heart. It cannot be expressed in few words.

How did your Profession as a Make-Up Artist Start??

Earlier in life, I trained as a hairstylist. Before long, I fell in love with bringing out the inner beauty in brides. I started offering bridal hair services working with other makeup artists. Later, I craved for a complete control on how my brides look such that I can give them their stunning dream look without completely changing their natural beauty; this is the root of my passion as a professional make-up artist.

What are the works You have done so far??

Mostly bridal and photoshoots with upcoming fashion designers or self planned shoots. Working on brides gives me so much joy especially when She beholds her flawless, ageless look after my magical touch.*smiles* I am also a trainer too.

Over the years, I have trained a lot of students on the field, who are now independent bosses today.

When You work for People, what is their reaction like?

Most people feel good, confident and happy. 100℅ Satisfaction.

What are the challenges You face?

Its not really a challenge you know, Most clients already have a picture or two that they have saved from the social media, it could be that of a celeb or the job of a renowned artist. They expect you to doll them up just the way it is in the picture. I usually take my time to enlighten them that they are a different personality.

 I encourage them to just describe what they want and use my creativity coupled with the inspiration from what they desire to create their own unique style. When clients trust me, the job comes out great.

Who are Your Role Models in the Beauty Industry?

Thatigbochic is a blessing to the Make-up art world, and Bobby Brown is another. They inspire me a lot especially through their teaching aids.

Being a Student and a Make-Up Artist, how do You manage Your Time??

I have learnt over time to manage my time by scaling events from the height of importance to the least. The secret so far is that I place my priority right each time, this way, it will balance. Sometimes, I have to burst some makeup appointments because it could not work into my school/exam time table. Determination is the key!

What Do You do during Leisure?

During leisure, if I am not taking a short nap, then I must reading a book with title of interest, sometimes my Bible or I am busy tasking my head on any crucial decision. I love my private time, it keeps me very refreshed.

If You could have One Super Power, what would that be and Why??

Super power... Yes... That would be the power to know tomorrow from today, so that I will be able to make better decisions regarding my future and also help others to do same.

Are You into any relationship?

Yes, I am in a relationship.

Tell Us Brief about Your Family Background?
I am a Kwara indigene, from a family of 5, I am the first born of 3 children.

As A Make-Up Artist, How do You balance your Private Life from Your Public Life?

Private life from public life? I love being myself anytime, anyday.  I love my freedom. My personality is the same, either privately or publicly. I am a christian, I try my best to be Christ-like. That's what I wish to be fondly remembered by.

Where do You see yourself in the next 3 Years?

In the next 3 years, I want to happily married and settled. I want to already have my own standard beauty palace offering complete beauty services from head to toe. Looking good is always a good business.

What words or advices do You have for Youths whose Dream is to be a Make-Up Artist?

Its trendy now that every lady wants to be a Make-up artist. Its a good thing to become your own boss and earn good money for it. I offer trainings too and I encourage it. However, this business is for the determined, enduring and passionate people. If you want to become one, then remain one, nurture your dream, fuel your passion, overcome your challenges and your decision will take you day after day to your beautiful end.

Make-up art is an art of creativity. Creativity has no end. No one graduates from the School of creativity! If you want to survive in this business, you MUST keep learning through brush-up classes, online videos, seminars and books written by renowned makeup artists. I recommend Bobbi Brown Makeup manual, from beginner to pro.

Lastly, invest in your dream, You will surely reap mega returns soon with prayers. Believe in God absolutely after you have tried all your best *smiles*

Thanks for gracing this Interview Oluwatosin.

Thanks so much Unibadanefiwe really appreciate the work done by your Team towards promoting Entertainment and Lifestyle of the University Of Ibadan. God Bless you guys

Feel Free to contact Malomo Oluwatosin

Malomo Oluwatosin
Teesmile Beauty World
Nidom Hair Zone, Transformer B/Stop, Agbowo UI
[email protected]
IG/Twitter @Teesmilebeauty 

Expect More Exclusive Interviews from Unibadan Efiwe. Feel free to mail Unibadan Efiwe via [email protected] for posting of Articles, Music and Videos, Advert Placement and many more.

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