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Sunday, 3 July 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Marked Pedestrian (Zebra) Crossing Placed At UI/Agbowo Intersection By Students' Union, UI @studentsunionui

The Students' Union, University Of Ibadan fulfill part of their promises as marked Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra Crossing) was placed on the UI/Agbowo Intersection.

 In a Press Released recently by The Students' Union, it reads

"Also, it is very pertinent to inform the University community about the marked pedestrian crossing (Zebra Crossing) that will be placed on UI/Agbowo intersection tomorrow, 2nd July, 2016 night by the Students' Union University of Ibadan, as we surmise it is what we do that matters, not what we think, say or plan, this justifies the popular saying "actions speaks louder than voice". 

This is a Community Project that is created largely as a traffic calming technique, and we also believe the UI/Agbowo axis is a busy road that has large numbers of pedestrians and would otherwise be too unsafe to cross without assistance due to the number of vehicles on the road.

We however enjoin everyone to brace up together and come around for this cause for the general development of the University, as we believe the time has come for all UItes to see Unionism as a duty of all."

This Community Project "Marked Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra Crossing) was completed at 2am. Pictured above was the Students' Union Pres. Ojo Nifemi at Work.

God Bless All Students
God Bless UISU
God Bless Nigeria

More Photos Below:

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