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Saturday, 18 June 2016

MUST READ: What You Need To Know About One Voice Initiative (Fitness For Funds) @initiative_one

We were all born to be the best; number one and nothing less. However, it’s common knowledge that circumstances have made it difficult for some people to achieve this. To put a smile on such people’s faces, a group of well meaning people came together and became “One Voice”.

Our 1st Event to celebrate the less privileged children held on Children’s Day. It was tagged “Orphanage Tour” and we visited about Seven (7) orphanage homes in Ibadan with gifts and love.

The Children, Volunteers, Sponsors and Everyone present on that day had massive fun and we left them with the feeling that they’re not alone in this world. Then we thought, “It can’t end here, no!” and that’s how “Fitness for Fund” was born. We thought, “lets make raising funds and awareness for our friends fun.”

Are You interested in:

Caring for the orphans, widows and other less privileged on a global scale;

Empowering them to become self dependent and goal oriented;

Creating awareness for their needs; and

Boosting their Self Esteem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions? OVI Fitness For Funds is the event for you.

Fitness For Funds is going to be an exciting program with different events like Jogging,  Walking, Football match, Drama, Music,Dance, Trade Fair/Exhibition, Bouncing Castle for the kids, Karaoke competition, Dancing competition, Cycling, Skating, Games and so on. Surprise guest artistes and comedians, the likes of Gjokes, Babatunmise, Oyinkansade and others will be there.

It promises to be exciting and interesting. You don’t want to miss it for any thing in the world.

Love is not love until you give it away. One spark starts a fire and with one action, the chain reaction will never stop. At One Voice Initiative, the drive to help people in every way we can, keeps us going and makes us stronger. Imagine what we can do if we shine a light and send it on, if we take the chances to change circumstances. There’s power in all of the choices we make so let’s start now. There’s not a moment to waste!

To book your stands at the Trade Fair for #5,000 only; or your tickets for #1000 only, contact 08062677616, 08027065112 and 08100743200.

For sponsorship and support, contact 08027065112

Written By:

Law 300,
Volunteer, One_Voice Initiative.

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