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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

EFIWE NEWS: UIDLC Matriculates 3,237 Students Out Of 3,464 Applicants

The 2015/2016 Matriculation Ceremony of The Distance Learning Ceremony was held today at the International Conference Centre, University Of Ibadan where 3,237 Students were given admission into the University out of 3,464 Students who applied.

 In attendance was the University's Vice Chancellor, Prof Idowu Abel Olayinka, DLC Director, Prof Bayo Okunade, UI Registrar, O.I Olukoya, Guest Lecturer, Prof. F.O.I Asubiojo who graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University and other Academic dignitaries. The Ceremony was anchored by the Director Of Public Communication, Mr O.M Oladejo.

Prof Idowu Olayinka, VC University Of Ibadan giving the Address immediately after the National Anthem and University's Anthem. In his words, He said You are bonafide Students of the University with rights privileges and responsibilities of the full time students. The only difference is your mode of study.

He said that you will be able to listen to first class students of the University who were also DLC students within the next two days of Orientation. 2015/2016, 3,464 Students applied for admission and 3,237 Students were admitted to study on a full complement of Open Distance Learning (ODL)Mode.

The efficacy of the platform which was drastically reduced face to face interactions and dealings to the nearest minimum. Students will also be Introduced to a robust learning, embark in online activities like Google classrooms, Online Continuous Assessment and Examinations.

 As a Distance learner, You need to develop your skills in Information technology, advices to sign in to the centre's Facebook, twitter and other social medias of the centre. Anytime you are on campus, you are free to make use of the University facilities like library etc. The University will not relent in being the frontier of knowledge. The door of unique and unlimited opportunities is opened, it's up to you to make use of the opportunity.

 There's no room of Cultism,hooliganism or any misconduct. There's is a direct means for you to receive information. Always remember that the certificate o this great institution is meant for those who are worthy in character and Sound Judgement.

On this note, Let me once again welcome you to this great University, the Premier University Of Ibadan.

Prof Asubiojo was next in line (Citation of the Guest Lecturer) where He gave a lecture on "Nurturing Distance Learning Development in Nigeria" During His lecture, He explained the types of Mode for Distance Learning which were Single Mode, Dual Mode and Mixed Mode and also gave examples.

He also discussed about the key ingredients for a Successful Distance education where he highlighted planing, staff training and support, Student Services, quality assurance etc. He shed more light on How Distance Learning can't be like the regular students and also why Distance Learning is better off.

Also the Administration of the Matriculation Oath was administered by the Registrar, O.I Olukoya, MNIM, FPA

 Unibadan Efiwe Congratulates all Freshmen and Wish You all Success

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