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Friday, 17 June 2016

EFIWE NEWS: Thank You To All Uite - Immediate Past UISU P.R.O, Ayantola Alayandr Releases Press Statement

L-R Ayantola Alayandr and LeystraDamus 

UI Students' Union: for Struggle and Solidarity

Greatest Uites, revolutionary greetings to you all. I had hitherto felt a restraint in writing this epistle of stewardship of the Illuminating Changes Team , Students' Union, University Of Ibadan.

But the love and the duty I owe the Union made it otherwise. Both the  actions and inaction of men be judged by time and season. The Illuminating Changes Team has finally bowed out of the Union's administration, having served as the 5th set of Union officials since the Union was brought back in 2011.

For me, the journey which began about 9months ago seems like the longest journey of my life. Of service; it was worth it, of hardship; it was countless , of endurance; it was persistently increasing , of your support; it was the greatest valuable.

I adore the Almighty God, the invincible and invisible one for such grace to serve and lead the entirety of UI students in what seem to be a world of lessons, experience, endurance and optimism.

I must say to You Greatest Uites, to You whom I owe a duty that I seek your clemency for the expectations not met, the words left unspoken and the utterances that were exceedingly unacceptable.

I appreciate as well, those moments of support and togetherness, they are worth it.
The administration was faced with various challenges. In fact, it is not beyond limit to say, it was the toughest in history with challenges ranging from the TSA policy of the FG, to the delays in fund disbursements , postponement and "re-postponement'' of the election which heralded in our tenure, to the paucity of funds,scarcity of fuel which affected transportation and mobilization, and the brevity of the tenure.

This challenges notwithstanding, our believing-hearts dived through the waves and scaled the tides.

Some administrative strides were recorded during the tenure cutting across areas of students' welfare, interventions in moments of crisis, transportation-control system, price control for goods and services, public relation and consciousness-building information strategies for our electorate, anti-exploitation and anti-injustice policies, academic restructuring (GSP decentralization, etc) and many more.

A detailed account of these achievements shall be published in the next edition of the Union's bulletin. Similarly, myself and the ex-President hope to be on Diamond FM. 101.1 on Tuesday (meet your executives programme) to give a detailed account of stewardship.

Furthermore, it behooves me to appreciate persons whose prayers in the secret and efforts have pushed us thus far. I humbly and duly appreciate my parents, family members, senior friends, colleagues and mentors, and members of the Ibadan Varsity Christian Union,men and women of the COPU . Thank you so much.

 I have resisted such attempt to start listing names, but I wholeheartedly and honourably appreciate those my friends in moment of succour, my campaign manager and closest friend inclusive. As in... you guys mean a great deal to me.

I cannot but to appreciate colleagues and  lecturers in the Dept.of Classics, you all have made me a lot.

To the entire officials of the University Management, despite the moments of disagreement and 'gridlock' , We cannot deny that your parental guidance served as cautionary signals to us. Thank you so much.

Most importantly, I am indebted to the entire members of the S.U Executive Council 14/15, you guys are the best. Thank you for such unparalleled co-operation and unity. Folks thought we'd break-up within months, but We remained stronger than diamond.

To the Greatest Uites, you were and are the Union. Who was , is and shall be the Union's P.R.O without you all? Let us all continue as one people to pledge allegiance to the 'fist of solidarity' (the symbol of our Union).
To my successor, Mr. Oladosu Olaniyi Olaleye, (Leystra) winning your election was challenging, but this may be more challenging.

 Nevertheless, stand still, still stand! Do it well when the people want it well, do it well when the people want it otherwise.
I believe and wish you well.

God bless OUR Union.

Ayantola Alayande
P.R.O, UI Students' Union
2014/2015 Session.

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