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Saturday, 25 June 2016

EFIWE NEWS: Rt. Hon. Onifade Bello Emerges As New SRC Speaker Of The 6th Assembly

Rt. Hon. Onifade Bello Emerges as New SRC speaker of the 6th Assembly. Hon. Onifade Bello won with 58 Votes while His Closest Rival, Hon. Akuma won with 32 Votes.

He is the Current Faculty's Legislative Council Speaker of the Faculty Of Education

See Official
Result For the UISU 6th Assembly Speakership Election. 

Honourable Akuma ikechukwu Joshua
(Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall Constituency)       =     32 votes

Honourable Oyegunle Gbenga Paul
(Kenneth Melamby Hall Constituency)    =     23 votes

Honourable Onifade Abdulrahman Bello =    58 votes
(Independence Hall Constituency)WINNER

Total vote cast   =114
Valid vote cast    =113
Invalid vote cast =001

 The resolution as regards the "2000 naira maximum dues" still Stands - Honourable members of the 5th Assembly.

This is response to the Letter received by the Speaker of the 5th Assembly Rt. Hon. Arogundade Toheeb from the Legal Unit of the Student's Affairs in which was stated that the SRC has no right to determine dues for Faculties or Halls.

 Faculty Presidents should be replaced with Speakers of various Faculties. They've been more of pain in the neck of the assembly, we are legislators and they are "politicians" - Hon. Babatunde Ifedolapo (Deputy Speaker SRC, 5th Assembly)

There are 106 Members of the Outgoing 5th Assembly,  the Assembly was inaugurated on 10th of October 2015. With the Speaker of the Assembly as Rt. Hon Arogundade Toheeb, Deputy Speaker as Hon. Babatunde Ifedolapo, Clerk of the House as Hon. Ereforo Emmanuel, Chief whip as Hon. Paulblack.

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