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Friday, 17 June 2016

EFIWE NEWS: Read Immediate Past UISU Pres. Olateju Oladimeji Aliyu's Valedictory Speech @studentsunionui


Greatest UItes!!!

Noble students of this universe, couples of months ago, I stood before you on this same platform to take the oath of office and show my in depth gratitude for giving me the opportunity to serve.

That journey comes to an end today. Now I have become an erstwhile President of the union but will forever be a dogged fighter for the betterment of the union. In what looks like a day of judgment, here is an account of what we promised to do, how we went about them, the blockades we surmounted, the struggles to ensure better welfare system for our electorate, the battle we decided not to fight in order to promote peace, the accounts of hope we opened and the cheques of justice and freedom we cashed.

 With this available and undoctored facts, UIites can say if we have failed, succeeded or tried. The marker is in their hands; they are the examiners. The gavel is before them; they are the judges. They alone can pass the verdict.

This administration remains the shortest in the history of our union – this child is passing out today. We resumed office with the determination to illuminate changes and that we did despite the hurdles. The journey was filled with potholes like the Lagos-Ibadan express route yet we were able to effect a few possible changes. It was through the grace of God and the support of concerned UItes that we were able to conquer a few goliaths.

The first battle was that of the Single Treasury Account which caused a four-month delay in the transfer process of the Students’ Union dues. Similarly, since the union is not a state existing outside the university community, the change in the leadership baton of the school caused some hitches.

Despite these myriads of difficulties we faced, we took the challenges, each by the horn through the indefatigable support of the ever conscious UItes. On the issue of the Wi-Fi we have started discussions and actions have kicked off to ensure a better available internet service to all UItes. In fact, life has been given to the Wi-Fi system in some halls of residence and a few would be resuscitated in no time.

Also, for the first time, the Union can now boast of a Students’ Legal Adviser to help promote the signing of justice at every point of unjustified allegation and the setting of Students’ Advocacy Council to train students on disciplinary matters. Other sideline accomplishments include the rejuvenation of: Students’ Union Press, the Union Bulletin (The Anvil).

We also facilitated the fumigation in halls of residence, set up Transportation Task Force committee and The Meet Your Executives programme on Diamond FM. Furthermore, there was a quick response to issues, favourable regulation of prices of goods and services, and zero tolerance to extortion.

I could go on counting but I won’t bore you with that. However, it can’t go unmentioned that we did our best to promote transparency through the publication of the students’ account (leaving behind #319,713.50 despite the economic crunch) the and the advertisement of every project we carried out.

Let me say that a comprehensive breakdown of all we did would be published and made available to all UItes through the best means possible.

This account we have given. A few of them are uncompleted projects which we shall be handling over to the incoming executive members. We have done the little we can, we are not giving up, and we shall continue to fly the flag of justice.

Once again, it has not been a doddle. It is a weighty task. This experience will be a long remembered scene in the history of our union. The glory is not ours alone. The executive arm of the union, the legislative arm, the council of faculty president and hall chairpersons and all other formal and informal committees contributed largely to the success of this administration.

For all who acted in our favour, we thank you. For those who acted against us, we pray the lord give you a better lovely mind. In all, we appreciate all UItes for the support they lavished us with at every junction of confusion.

Before I finally leave the stage, few words for the incoming administration. You are taking the staff at an unfavourable moment. The beat playing at this moment requires good diplomatic steps.

Unfortunately, no one will like to savour your excuses for failure. UItes are only interested in festivals of success; how you go about that may be of minute concern to them yet they won’t fail to tongue lash you if it becomes pellucid that this same success is clouded in any firmament works of deceit.

Yes, you can’t suit all the people at all the time but true democracy requires you suit the majority of the people all the time. In whatever circumstances you find yourself, never forget that the students’ elected you to promote their interest, ensure they, the students, are your major business in your project work. Stand gallantly for their interest.

Do not break the line of communication. Keep it taut. Talk to the students when the need arises. The Students’ Union Paradise is in your hand to keep. Every part of it you think is missing should be regained. At a time like this when the economy of the nation has cruelly nosedived, I think it’s high time to start creating more sources of finance.

We can’t afford to become financial beggars in the name of sourcing for funds. If we do not make the move we can’t move and no one will move us. We must keep illuminating changes through our project works.

To everyone here, I wish you safe journey to your homes and halls of residence. But as we go let us have it in mind that our success as a people begins in the deepest part of our heart but it never ends there.  

Let us illuminate our mind with positive thoughts and put them into actions for the spot we have reached is only a sketch of where we ought to be. We must keep pressing on. We can’t afford to take a reverse.  The promise land is only a step from where we stand.

God bless Nigeria
God bless the University of Ibadan
God bless University of Ibadan Students’ Union.

2014/2015 SESSION.

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