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Friday, 17 June 2016

EFIWE NEWS: MUST- READ Press Statement About School Fees / Registration Deadline For All UIDLC Students

Officially, today being 17th June,2016 is School fees Payment deadline.

After today Students will still be able to pay their fees without additional charges, this extended period of grace will not be announced officially and I don't know how long it may last but could linger till ending of this month.

Payment of school fee is done through Remita not into a particular bank account, your RRR code will function as your account number on filling the bank teller, and can be paid into any bank nationwide.

Steps To Generate Remita:

 You need to login to your new portal( sign in with your old login details, if its not accepting your password use your matric number both as username and password.

 Once the portal is open fill the 3-forms if you did not do so, then click on make payment, select school fee among the fee items and generate your reference( Remita code). After filling the 3-forms and on clicking make payment if its not responding log out and login again.      

According to the Management in the last meeting we had, the  promise was that deadline will stand pending when all outstanding results will be out. In the last few days we have been experiencing a rush in the release of our results.

Be that as it may we shall engage the management on this issue so that majority could be better of but not worse of.

On the issue of registration, the difficulties encountered are not general, some departments/levels are registering successfully.

 Like the case of 400 level students of Psychology department there is no 300L carry over courses, and external electives on the registration portal to borrow, and in the process of submitting the portal will state that a minimum of 3-unit external elective must be borrowed and will not submit.

The above registration difficulties have been reported to the management and they promised fixing it as soon as possible.

Some 400L students of Psychology department are seeing 12-results on their 300L result portal while others are seeing less.

There no cause for panic and these will be fixed.

Please read this message carefully and understand it before calling me.

Thank you.

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