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Monday, 20 June 2016

EFIWE NEWS: I Reassure You Of My Goodwill And Genuine Commitment To Your Well-Being - UIVC Prof. Idowu Abel Olayinka Releases Press Statement


Greatest UItes!

I welcome You back on campus from the vacation that was necessitated by the disruption of academic activities on campus during the last week of the month of April. In spite of the contrary readings to the intention of the Senate, Council and Management, it was a decision taken to protect the lives and interest of a very special class of people on campus; the Students.

I cannot over emphasize the fact that your lives and interests remain of utmost importance to the University Management and we will not hesitate to go to lengths to ensure that you live and learn in a safe, conducive and inspiring environment.

Without doubt, students are bound to have their contributions, observations, complaints even grievances. As you constitute the majority of the inhabitants of the University community , you are entitled to draw the attention of the necessary bodies as well as lodge your complaints to the appropriate quarters in time particularly on topical issues that border on municipal services such as electricity and water which are vital to your well-being.

Issues arising from both are being addressed to the best of our ability but when there are complaints it will be appropriate to lodge such through the relevant establishments.

Security is also another key issue particularly because of the menace of terrorism and the prevailing national situation. You would be expected to put on your identity cards to prevent the incursion of terrorists and interlopers on campus.

This current administration respects the right of students to protest and has no policy that enforces a culture of silence. As students of the first and the best university in the country, our ultimate goal is to raise world class scholars, professionals and executives who are to thrive on dialogue, administrative processes and procedures instead of violent protests which usually leads to danger for the innocent among the Students.

I reassure you once again of my goodwill and genuine commitment to your well-being. Members of the University community are aware, and I will like to reiterate, that I am available, reachable and accessible to everyone, especially the students. Irrespective of diverse opinions, some of which are obviously tainted, I like to see myself as your father, friend and mentor, all in a bid to ensure that you excel in your various fields of study.

I welcome you back to the rest of the semester which has been interrupted but which with some delibrateness can still be engaged to yield the best in spite of its limitations.

The university calendar has been adjusted to accommodate the disruption and it is my utmost desire that you settle in speedily to make the most of the rest of the semester.
Part of my vision for students is to extend the frontiers of knowledge and create best practice in exposure for leadership training and professional development.

All of these are being put in place by the University Management and I am certain that everyone can find a place within the scheme.

Once again I welcome you back to a most rewarding rest of the semester and success in your examinations.

Thank you and God bless.

Idowu Olayinka
Sunday, 19 June 2016

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