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Thursday, 30 June 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: Love What You Do And You Will Be Proud Of Who You Become - UI Make-Up Artist, Valerie Okeke

 Meet Miss Valerie Okeke, a 100 Level Student Of The Departmemt Of Psychology and a Professional Make-Up Artist. She's also the CEO Of Luchi's Make-Over.

Unibadan Efiwe had a Interview with Ms Valerie, Read Full Interview Below.

Can We Meet You??

I am Miss Valerie Okeke, a 100 Level Student of the  Department Of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ibadan. I'm also a Professional Make-Up Artist.

How do You define Beauty?

For me, beauty is about having a pretty mind, pretty heart, and pretty souls. Beauty is how you feel inside.

How did Your Profession as a Make-Up Artist Start??

Well it started after Secondary School. I was preparing for JAMB when my Elder Sister announced that everyone of Us in the house must aquire a skill, and it should be what We like and enjoy doing.

 I have always love Make-up so it was quite easy for me to choose what I wanted and I was enrolled for the training that is how it all begun.

What are the Works You have done so far??

I have not done much yet but My biggest Hit was in the North where I organised a Make-Up Training for them 

When You work for People, what is their Reaction like?

By God's grace, I have a very good customer communication skill and kinda funny so I would say 90% of those I have worked for and with has been wonderful and have had reactions and comments like looking forward to working with you again and comments like you really funny *smiles*

What are the Challenges You face?

Challenges like when Clients can't just sit for their face beat. Also, when Clients (Brides, friends) are trying to tell me what to do and how to do my job.

Who are Your Role Model(s) in the Beauty Industry?

I have got a lot of Role Models but Liza Mayne and Oshewa beauty are my Favorite.

Being a Student and a Make-Up Artist, How do You manage your Time??

So far it has been going smoothly, but if I have a job and I'm not free or have classes to attend, I get my partner to do it for me.

What Do You do during Leisure?

At my Leisure, I watch Movies and also try to create new Make-Up looks

If You could have One Super Power, What would that be and Why?? 

Well that power will be to make all my dreams come true. *smiles* 

Are You into any Relationship? 

Yes sure, I am in a very serious relationship

Tell Us Brief about Your Family Background?

I'm from a Family of 6 Children, the 5th and last girl.. 3 boys and 3girls balanced equation.

As A Make-Up Artist, How do You balance your Private Life from Your Public Life? 

That's very simple, I don't discuss about my Private Life with my Clients.

Where do You see Yourself in the Next 3 Years? 

In the next 3 years, by God's grace I should be a big brand, with my studio and Academy in at least 3 States in Nigeria.

What Words/Advices do You have for Youths whose Dream is to be a Make-Up Artist?

PASSION!!!! That is the word love what you do and trust me you will proud of who you will become. Also, in everything You do, Put God first.

Luchi's Make-Overs
Suite 3a Area 6 preboye shopping complex Agbowo U.I Ibadan 
09036427555 & 08100922136
Email: [email protected]
IG: luchistouch_makeover 
Twitter: luchistouch_MUA

Expect More Exclusive Interviews from Unibadan Efiwe. Feel free to mail Unibadan Efiwe via [email protected] for posting of Articles, Music and Videos, Advert Placement and many more.

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