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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

EFIWE INTERVIEW: HardWork Beats Talents When Talent Doesn't Work Hard - Young Oche (One Of UI's Finest Artiste)

Meet Oche Peter, aka Young Oche, a Final Year Student of the Department of Classics, University Of Ibadan. Young Oche is a Recording Artiste and also a Songwriter.

Unibadan Efiwe had a interview with the "Just Go" Crooner and Here is What He got to say as He talks about His Life, Music Career And Relationship.

Can We Meet You?? 

My name is Oche Peter also known as Young Oche.  A Final Year Student Of the Department Of Classics, University Of Ibadan. I am a recording Artist and songwriter.

What led You into Music? 

I have always been very passionate about music.  Even as a child, I spent most of my time miming artists like Michael Jackson(MJ) and the likes.  I grew up to develop the strong passion to do music.

What really inspired Your recent track, Just Go? 

Just Go was self-inspired.  You know most young people go through a phase, where you like someone so much and they don't really like you back as much.  I had a share of such experience and I decided to put it into music.

 What Year did You venture into Music?

I ventured into music professionally in 2014

How did You derive Your Stage name Young Oche?? 

I was named after my father Oche.  So I thought it would be cool to carry on the family name as the younger version.

What inspires Your MUSIC?

My Songs are inspired by happenings around me. Either to me or to people around me. I like to express my deepest feelings through my Songs.

What message does Your Music pass across? 

I'll say My Music is mostly directed towards Young people like me.  It inspires people to express themselves.

 Are You currently signed to any record Label?

Currently, I'm not signed to any record Label but God's grace, Doors will open for me soon

Apart from Music, What else do You do? 

Well, I'm still a Student, so I'm a bit restricted because of my studies. But apart from music, I do a bit of Modelling.

What are You currently working on, Any Collaborations?? 

Yes, I'm working on one or two collaborations with some A Listed artists in the artist.  But I'll rather let it come out as a surprise

 How easy/hard was it for You coming into the Music Industry??

It's not so easy coming out into the Music Industry.  There are a lot of discouraging factors.  If You don't have a Big sponsor behind You, or under the umbrella of a Record Label, it isn't so easy.  But God's been faithful, I have been able to pull Some strings on my own.

 What do You Love most about the Music Industry?

What I love most about the Music Industry is its very competitive.  Many talents spring up every day and as a result, it makes artist work even harder on the quality of their Music.

You being in Your Finals When you graduate, Do You intend going into Music fully??

Yes I will venture into music fully after graduation.  It's challenging now having to blend academics with it. After graduation, I hope to fully focus on my music.

Would You describe Yourself as a perfect Gentleman?? 

Perfect gentleman?  (Laughs ) well, you tell me.

 Can You tell Us Your Relationship Status?

I'm single not searching anyway.

Do You have any celebrity crush(es)?

Yeah a couple. I love Simi, I love Her Music and on the International scene, I'd say, Arianna Grande.

If You were to work or do collaboration with any Nigerian A List Artiste, Who will that be and Why??

I Will love to collaborate with A-List artists like 2face, Simi, Banky W.  They are among the few artists who spend a lot of time in writing their songs.  I love to work with artists that have rich lyrics and make deliberate attempts to pass messages with their songs.

How do You Strike a Balance between Your Public and Private Life?? 

Well, it's not easy. I love my solitude.  I like to have a very quiet life. But then , When I get to the public,  I have to come all out. I'm getting very much used to it anyway.

If You could have One Super power, What would that be and Why? 

Super Power.. errm. .. I have always wondered how it will be like to fly.  ( laughs)

What should Your Fans, Friends be looking forward to from You?? 

My Fans should expect a couple of quality collaborations soon by God's grace.

In the next 3 Years, where do You hope to be?? 

Next 3 Years?? I hope to be among the A Listed artists both locally and Internationally.

 What's Your Advice to Your Viewers and Fans??

To My Viewers and Fans. Thank you for the support and encouragements to far. I'll leave you with this,  Whatever you do, remember Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.  Work harder than anyone you know and don't forget the God factor.

Download And Listen To Young Oche's Recent Track Titled "Just Go"  HERE

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